” Salt, Salter, Sulter, Saltman and Salterman”

Olde English pre 7th century world “sealt” meaning salt. The surname from this source is first recorded towards the middle of the 13th century (see below), and Thomas le Selter appears in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296, whilst John Saltman is recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Suffolk in 1327. The second distinct possibility is that the name derives from the pre 7th century Olde French words “saltere or sautere”, meaning a psalter. This was a stringed instrument like a harp, which was very popular in the medieval period. In the Assize Court rolls of Northumberland, we have the recording of a musician called William le Salterer, meaning one who played the psalter, whilst another recording is that of William le Sautreour. He was minstrel to Queen Margaret, the wife of King Edward 1st (1272 – 1307) in the Calendar of Letter Books for the City of London, dated 1304. An interesting namebearer was one James Salter who flourished around the year 1723. He was a proprietor of “Don Saltero’s Coffee-house”, Chelsea,Read more:
“Salton “?

” The city’s first settlers were ACADIANS who settled at what they called Le Coude, or “the elbow.” These Acadian settlers were rounded up for deportation in 1755. In 1766 settlers of German origin arrived from Pennsylvania and called their community The Bend. ”

“The turning point in its economic history was the establishment of a shipyard by George and Joseph Salter in 1849. By 1850 the shipping trade had become important enough that Moncton was made a port of entry. The town was incorporated in 1855 with Joseph Salter as its first mayor, and that same year the first bank, the Westmorland Bank, was established.”

“Joseph was born in 1865. He is the son of John Salter and Sophie Geller. He passed away in 1921. [1]


This site above talks about the freemason Salters group, but I’m not Sure if it is more than just a freemason unoin or perhaps also an family name,

Since before the Romans, the Anglo Saxons had developed methods of extracting salt and the importance of salt was well established. Roman soldiers were given salt rations and this “Sal” is the origin of the word “salary”. A soldier failing in battle or falling asleep at his post was “not worth his salt”.

Sal surname, veriants, sale, sail, sales, salle, salley, sally, sallete, sallett,


“Sallett is a name of ancient Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from the family one have lived in the county of Cheshire, Chere they held the estete of Sale. The surname  Sallett was originally derived from the Old English word Soel which refers to a Hall. In this cas the original bearer of the surname Sallett were either servants at the hall or resided near a dining hall.”

Cheshire Births, Marriages, Deaths, above site since 1837

Cheshire’s name was originally derived from an early name for Chester, and was first recorded as Legeceasterscir in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles,[6] meaning the shire of the city of legions.[7] Although the name first appears in 980, it is thought that the county was created by Edward the Elder around 920.[7] In the Domesday Book, Chester was recorded as having the name Cestrescir (Chestershire), derived from the name for Chester at the time.


  • “noun
  • (סלי) Baskets, Wesley, sallei,


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Von Beron?

Baron, Barron, ”

Aaron = Aron,Aarin Aronbayev/Aronbayoff, Aarons, Ahrens, Aaronson, Aronov/Aronoff, Aronson, Aronovich, Aronowicz/Aronowitz, Arenstein, Arnstein, Baron, Barron, Hornstein/Horenstein/Gorenstein ? ?





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Collin, Collins

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“The surname Collins has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland:

  1. Anglo-Saxon: A patronymic surname based on the name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas. In England, Collins usually signified “son of Colin.”
  2. Irish: “cuilein” = darling, a term of endearment applied to a whelp or young animal. The medieval surname was Ua Cuiléin, which has usually become Ó Coileáin today.
  3. Welsh: Collen = hazel, hazel grove.

Alternative spellings or related surnames include Collin, Colling, Coling, Collings, Colings, Collis, Coliss, Collen, and Collens.[1]

The earliest documented evidence of the name in England dates back as far as the twelfth and thirteenth centuries where several instances have been recorded. One Colinus de Andresia appears in the pipe rolls of Berkshire in 1191, while a Colinus is mentioned in Hartopp’s Register of the Freeman of Leicester recorded in 1196. The name Colinc is also mentioned several times in the Domesday Book. The personal name Colin from which the surname derives has an even older history; Ceawlin, the king of the West Saxons, Caelin, a brother of St Chad, and the early Welsh saint, Kollen, all have names related to Colin. In Ireland, Collins may be regarded as a genuinely indigenous Irish name; in fact, it is one of the most numerous surnames, ranked number 30.[2]

Hebew name for collin according to google|en|collin%0D%0A%D7%A7%D7%9C%D7%9F%0D%0A%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%9F%0D%0A%D7%9B%D7%9C%D7%9F

Collin (קולין) Cologne  (קלן)  ()



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“Richard de Wetacre, which was dated 1177, in the “Pipe Rolls of Norfolk”, during the reign of King Henry 11, known as “The Builder of Churches”, 1154 – 1189.”
 “Pipe Rolls of Norfolk”
1 Chronicles 2:7  And the sons of Carmi; Achar, the troubler of Israel, who transgressed in the thing accursed.
ובני כרמי עכר עוכר ישראל אשר מעל בחרם׃ ס
   ( עכר )  (Ain ע, A, and or etc…)  (Caph  כ, K) (Resh ר , R,)
I don’t know if the Bible verse above has anything to do with the name Whittaker?
this site above looks like it has a lot of usefull information
G to C Gamal or Camel
all these wiki sites below are refferencing  Aecer, which they say is the greek Ago, or Latin Ago, my thought in refference to G to C
whittaker surname dispersion in england

this one also looks like it has a lot of information above

a lot of information

(אגר) agar, stockpilling, stored, details,
(עכר) troubler,

  • noun
Lexicon Results
Strong’s H5911 – `Akowr




Part of Speech

masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

1) trouble, disturbance

a) Achor – as the valley of trouble where Achan and his family were stoned

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 5
AVAchor 5
  • noun
  • verb
  • adjective


(اكر) walker, wacker, lacker, acres

the hand on the top of the crest is a symble for some part of a roman legion
“First mentioned in Norfolk, where they where lords of the manor of Acourt in that county from very ancient times”
“The earliest German names were just a single name.  It was not a first name, or a last name, it was just a “name”. This “name” was composed of two syllables with each syllable representing a “root”, and each “root” having a specific meaning. This name was very important to the Germans, for it represented that whatever they were today, whatever they would be tomorrow, and whatever virtues they would pass along to their namesakes, all lay in that “name” and so the Germans chose their name very carefully.”I don’t know if the name Whittaker is German but just in case researcher contect page =? Acar naniaSurname  Nania, I still don’t know what it means, or if the surname is ralated below.“The city proved highly successful, and it was considered the capital of southern Epirus and Akarnania. Among other things, it obtained the right to send five representatives to the Amphictyonic Council.The new polis was given the territories of southern Epiros including Ambrakia, most of Akarnania, and western Aetolia. Many inhabitants of the surrounding areas – Kassopaia, Ambrakia, parts of Akarnania (including Leukas, Palairos, Amphilochikon, Calydon, and Lysimachia) and western Aetolia – were forced to relocate to the new city.”

site above with a lot of information about Acarnania


acarnania google book about “classical dictionary” above

Acarnania = modern Carnia?

Acarnus = Acarnania

the information below may or may not relate to information above.


Carnia Germany, above

“This region was initially populated by Carni, a Celtic people, from whom its name comes. The Carni lived for centuries in the fertile plains between the Rhine and the Danube rivers where other Celtic peoples lived. Starting from 400 BCE, the demographic growth and the pressure of the Germanic peoples, originated a migratory flood towards the south. The Carni crossed the Alps through the Mount Croce Carnico pass and settled in the region which is nowadays named Carnia and in the piedmont zone of Friuli. They practiced hunting and breeding. During the hard winters the herders used to move with their cattle down to the piedmont plains. Also they were skillful iron and wood manufacturers.
……… I removed part of the Paragraph

The first historical date related to the arrival of the Carni is 186 BCE, when some 50,000 Carni, composed of armed men, women and children descended towards the plains (in which they previously used to winter) and on a hill they founded a stable defensive settlement, Akileja.”

“The Carni (Greek Καρνίοι) were a tribe of the Eastern Alps in classical antiquity, settling in the mountains separating Noricum and Venetia.

They are usually considered a Gaulish tribe,[1] although some associate them with the Venetic peoples, a group closely related to but probably distinct from the Celts.[2] Their area of settlement isn’t known with precision. Strabo confines them to the mountains, while Ptolemy assigns them two cities near the Adriatic coast. They are likely eponymous of the regions of Carnia, Carniola and Carinthia.[3]


Acarnania, now Carnia, a province of ancient Greece lying between AEtolia and the Ionian sea; a rugged country, populated by shepherds of Epirot race who in olden times served the Athenians as slingers. Chief town, Stratos, afterwards Leucas.

Click for more about Acarnania

another historical site about Carnia above

I don’t know which information of the above few pages is correct becuase there are different sources for where Carnia is, Quote sources soon ()…

Akar is a Turkish surname and may refer to:

I don’t know if all the information in this site (my site) apliccable to Whittaker

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Lawtan, ?

“Loton, Lorton, Lotton, Loughmane, Loughton, Lawtons, Laughton, Lowton, Lawton, Loughmant, Loughmend, Loughman, Loughmand, Loughment, Loughmyn, Loughmen, Loughmint, Loughmynd and Loughmind.”

“The history of the Anglo-Saxon surname Laughton appeared in a significant number of these records and the earliest origins of the distinguished family were found in Cheshire. Early references to the surname mention Adam de Lauton who was recorded in the Pipe Rolls for Lancashire in 1205 and in 1281 Philip de Lauton was listed in the Assize Rolls for Cheshire. Throughout the Middle Ages the Laughton family played an influential role in social, economic and political development of Cheshire. As a result of their contributions to local affairs, the Laughton family developed a prestigious reputation among the other notable families in their community.”

“This distinguished Cheshire family prospered on their estates for several centuries increasing their wealth and territorial holdings through marriage with other prominent families.

The 1984 edition of the Report of Distribution of Surnames in the Social Security lists the surname Lawton as the 2,311st most popular surname in the United States.

The following work(s) may prove helpful for more information: The Descendants of George Lawton

by Elva Lawton, How Grand a Flame by Clyde Bresee. ”

“Lachestone, Lactone, Lestun”, and “Lastone” in the Domesday Book of 1086, however; Laughton near Folkingham in Lincolnshire, appearing as “Lohtun” circa 1067 in Wills Records of that county, and as “Loctone” in the Domesday Book, has as its initial element the Olde English “loc”, enclosure; hence, “enclosed tun”.

Walter de Laughton (Leicestershire, 1327), and Thomas Laughton, noted in the Coroners Rolls of Nottinghamshire, dated 1541. A Coat of Arms granted to the Laughton family is a silver shield with three gold mullets on a black bend.”

from the site above

Lawton : English Place name from settlements common in Lancashire and Yorkshire, from Buglawton or Church Lawton in Cheshire, which derived their names from Old English hlaw = hill, burial mound + tun = enclosure, settlement. The literal meaning would be “hill settlement” and someone from that place might be identified as Lawton.”
Leighton: an English place name for the man who emigrated from any of the so-named locations in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Shropshire,, which were named from Old English leac = leek + tun = settlement, enclosure, and translated as “settlement at the place of the leeks.” Although Laughton, Layton, Leyton were drawn from the same origin, those names are polygenetic and were drawn from other origins occasionally as well. ”

32. LAWTON (5)
” Last Name, Given Name(s) Born Died Buried Person ID Tree
1 LAWTON Ephraim b. 1821 Middx I9497
2 LAWTON Esther b. 1835 Whitechapel, London I9500
3 LAWTON Martha b. 1821 Whitechapel, London I9498
4 LAWTON Matilda b. 1831 Whitechapel, London I9499
5 LAWTON Samuel [Samuel b Eleazer] b. 1786 Aldgate, London I655 ”

(ל L, Lamed) (ת, Th, in old Hebrew, but T, in modern, Tau) (ן,נ, N, Nun, and Nun sofit)

(לתן) means Coyote in Hebrew. perhaps but I don’t know, if you look at the site above and see the Crest, you may, might notice the dog, or coyote on top of it.

Loton, Lorton, Lotton, Loughton, Lawtons, Laughton, Lowton, Loughmind, all have the same crest according to the site above

Loughmane, Loughmant, Loughmend, Loughman, Loughmand, Loughment, Loughmyn, Loughmen, Loughmint, Loughmynd, 

and these are the same crest according to the site above.

(לתן) possible soundex variations, Lathan, Lathen, Lathon, Lathun, Lethan, Lethen, Lathon, Lathun, ??????

Lathen Germany, do not know if this lead has any value?

These are some other possible hebrew variations, (לוטון) (לואוטון) for Lawton. I don’t know if they have any validity?

Just an geographic site (Lathen, Germany) as the destination!

Lathen (Crest) Above

Lawton Surname history website

Lawton (), Doomsday Book online I think

short “Lawton Hall” estate history

I already put this site up above, just thought this was interesting.

“An old encyclopedia says of Chester, of Cheshire or Chester county: “A city and seaport of England, c. of Chester, on the Dee 164 m n w of London. This is one of the most picturesque cities of Europe, exhibiting as it does the architectural features of a city of the Middle Ages in perfect preservation. Its streets are arched over by the colonnades of the houses, here called rows. The old walls form a magnificent promenade. The cathedral is a noble Gothic pile built in 1094 (375 feet long and its tower 127 feet high, according to another authority), and in a crypt of St. John’s church built in 698 is interred Harold, the last of the Saxon kings. Chester, originally a Roman city (cestrium) and esteemed the key to North Wales sustained a long siege during the civil wars 1644. The heirs apparent to the English throne take as their second title that of Earl of Chester.”

“Richard de Lauton (x in the reported lineage), ”


“Ormerod, the genealogical authority, has the following regarding the Church in his survey of the Lawtons:

“The foundation seems to be about the close of the eleventh century, when a chapel was originally erected here by Hugh de Mara, then Lord of Lawton. The early ancestors of the Lawtons appear to have held an interest in the church, as it was soon after called when Ranulf, son of William, and William, son of Adam de Lawton quitclaimed the advowson to Abbot Simon, or Roger, and the Convent of St. Werburgh.”

– End of Excerpt-”

There was much turmoil in the land, and robbery was a way of life. To combat this, Alfred instituted a new system. All freeborn men were assigned to groups of ten, named Tythings. Each group of ten Tythings, were in turn, put into larger groups called a Hundred which also referred to the area they were located in. The shire of Chester, located in west central England, originally had twelve Hundreds, but they were reduced to seven during the reign of King Edward III, between 1327 and 1377. The seven Hundreds of Cheshire are Northwich, Namptwich, Macclesfield, Bucklow, Salisbury, Broxton, and Wirehall. The township of Lawton is in the southeast section of the Hundred of Northwich.”

 “King William named Hugh de Mara (AKA Hugh Lupus or Hugh the Wolf), a loyal Norman relative, as Earl of Chester giving him all land within the palatinate, and royal powers to control it. Hugh, in turn, doled out land to fellow Normans who swore allegiance to him. He founded the Abbey of Werburgh for the Benedictines in 1093. Part of the Abbey possessions was the township of Lautune on the southeastern border of Cheshire. Long before the conquest it had been called Lauton Under Lyme. It consisted of about two and a half square miles of land which was divided into two portions, one being about double the size of the other. It had existed prior to the Domesday Book, having been described as formerly belonging to a man named Godric. It is certain that the possessors of Lautune after the conquest were the very elite of Normandy that had followed the fortunes of The Conqueror. As landowners they were given the honorary title of Squire denoting their status. “

The Lawton Family

Although it is nearly absolute that any landowning family in Cheshire were descendants of those who had came from Normandy with William the Conqueror in 1066, it is during the reign of Richard the Lionhearted between 1189 and 1199, that ancestors of a branch of a present day Lawton family are first recorded in the area. At this time a man named Adam was noted as the owner of a part of Lautune, the other part being owned by the Abbot and Monks of Saint Werburg’s monastery. At the time people had only a first name, and were usually known by where they lived. Thus Adam was known as Adam de Lautune because of his Norman ancestry. Adam had three sons named Adam, Robert, and Richard. Richard, the youngest son, born before 1236, had a son Richard born between 1260 and 1280. That Richard, in turn, had a son also named Richard before 1300. By this time it was decreed that all of the population would adapt a surname for proper identification. Thus Richard de Lautune became known as Richard Lawton.

Richard Lawton III married Cicely Astburie and they, between 1315 and 1330, became the parents of a daughter named Agnes.

Agnes married a man named Thomas Davenport. Upon his marriage to Agnes he became a landowner in Lawton, and thenceforth became known as Thomas Lawton. Thomas and Agnes parented a son between 1330 and 1350 whose name is today unknown.

This unnamed son of Thomas and Agnes had a son named Hugh Lawton born before 1378. Hugh was appointed an archer of the Crown November 5, 1398, in the principality of Wales. He married Isabella, daughter of John Madoc, widow of Ben Kynge Bernys (Barnes). Hugh and Isabella had two sons named Hugh and John, but all three males died before Isabella.

The eldest son, Hugh jr., did not marry nor have children, but the younger brother, John, married Beatrice the widow ofThomas Maddock, and to them a son was born about 1435.

Upon the death of his grandmother Richard became head of the estate. On the 6th of January 1473 Richard was yet head of the estate when he lost a court decision to Hugh Pole over some disputed land. Richard’s wife’s name is unknown, but it is known that they had a son named John about 1470.

John married Eleanor More and they parented three sons. John was known to have been a very wealthy man. Their oldest son, William, was born around 1500. William was in control of the estate when in 1542 King Henry VIII dissolved all monasteries and William, having the wealth to do so, bought the available land. William married Catherine Bellott and they had four sons and five daughters. The second son’s name was John. Born in 1521, John was 21 when his father purchased the monastery acreage. John Lawton, born 1521, married Margaret Dutton, near to the time his father died in 1551. Between their marriage and 1560 they had five sons and a daughter. John died in 1598. Their eldest son, William, was born in 1553.

William married first Maria Wood, and second Mary Maxfield before 1607 when their first child John was born. They also had a daughter Eleanor in 1611, and a son William in 1613. The elder William was known to have added large tracts of land to the Lawton estate before his death in 1617, when John was ten years old.

Upon William’s death, Ralph Sneyd was made manager of the estate, and given the honorary title of Lord of the manor. John Lawton married Ralph’s daughter Clare Sneyd. To John and Clare were born three sons and a daughter, named William, Ralph, John, and Felicia, between 1630 and 1635. In 1647 John paid a huge fine of 680 pounds, and was pardoned for waging war against King Charles I, himself beheaded two years later. His eldest son William, born in 1630, succeeded John, who died in 1654.

William was head of the manor in 1656, when King Charles II spent some time as a guest while awaiting his restoration to the Throne. It was at this time that John Lawton was born, and Charles II, as his Godfather, presented him with a silver drinking cup remarking he had little else to offer.”

The site above also seem to have a lot of information about the Lawton’s

Richard Lawton to Leo Lawton

1. RICHARD1 LAWTON was born Abt. 1499 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died Aft. 1542 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. He married UNK PURRIER Abt. 1520. She was born in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.

i. ALICE2 LAWTON, b. Abt. 1523, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; m. JOHN BARNWELL, Abt. 1541.
ii. ELIZABETH LAWTON, b. Abt. 1525, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; m. JOHN SUGAR, Abt. 1545.
iii. THOMAS LAWTON, b. Abt. 1527, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. Aft. 1558, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; m. JOAN WHEELER, Abt. 1552; b. Abt. 1534, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; d. Aft. 1558, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.
iv. MARGERY LAWTON, b. Abt. 1535, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; m. ROBERT FULLER, Abt. 1557.
v. KATHERINE LAWTON, b. Abt. 1537, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.

Descendants of Thomas Lawton

1. THOMAS2 LAWTON (RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1527 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng, and died Aft. 1558 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng. He married JOAN WHEELER Abt. 1552, daughter of THOMAS WHEELER and ELLEN. She was born Abt. 1534 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died Aft. 1558 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.

i. JOAN3 LAWTON, b. Abt. 1553, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.
ii. MARIAN LAWTON, b. Abt. 1555, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.
iii. THOMAS LAWTON, b. Abt. 1558, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. 08 Dec 1605, Warlend, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; m. (1) MARY, Abt. 1580; b. Bet. 1558 – 1565; m. (2) ANNIS UNKNOWN, Abt. 1599; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

Descendants of Thomas Lawton

1. THOMAS3 LAWTON (THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1558 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng, and died 08 Dec 1605in Warlend, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng. He married (1) MARY Abt. 1580. She was born Bet. 1558 – 1565. He married (2) ANNIS UNKNOWN Abt. 1599.

Children of THOMAS LAWTON and MARY are:
i. GEORGE4 LAWTON, b. Abt. 1581, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; d. 26 Nov 1641, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; m. ISBELL SMITH, 13 Nov 1606, Cranfield, bedfordshire, England; b. Abt. 1588, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; d. Aft. 1641, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.
ii. THOMAS LAWTON, b. Abt. 1583, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.
iii. MARY LAWTON, b. Abt. 1585, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.
iv. JOAN LAWTON, b. Abt. 1587, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.
v. RICHARD4 LAWTON, b. Abt. 02 Nov 1600; d. Unknown.
vi. ANNIS LAWTON, b. Abt. 14 Oct 1603; d. Unknown.

Descendants of George Lawton

1. GEORGE4 LAWTON (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1581 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died26 Nov 1641 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. He married ISBELL SMITH 13 Nov 1606 in Cranfield, bedfordshire, England, daughter of FRANCIS SMITH and ANN. She was born Abt. 1588 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died Aft. 1641 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.

i. GEORGE (1)5 LAWTON, b. Abt. 23 Sep 1607, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. 05 Oct 1693, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. (1) MARY HOPKINS, 27 Jan 1635/36, Pulloxhill Parish, Eng; m. (2) ELIZABETH HAZARD, Abt. 1638, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; b. Abt. 1624, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 08 Nov 1711, Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
ii. SARAH LAWTON, b. Abt. 01 Oct 1609, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. Abt. 04 Sep 1674; m. JONATHAN HUTTON, 1635.
iii. MARY LAWTON, b. 28 Oct 1611, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. 23 Mar 1675/76, Portsmouth, RI ?.
iv. THOMAS (1) LAWTON, b. 17 Apr 1614, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. Bef. 27 Sep 1681, Portsmouth, Newport, RI or England; m. (1) ELIZABETH SALISBURY, 29 May 1635, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; b. 1614, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England; d. 1675, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. (2) GRACE PARSONS, 09 Aug 1663, Portsmouth, RI; b. 1628, Of Little Compton, RI; d. 1679, Newport, RI.
v. ISAAC LAWTON, b. Abt. 03 Nov 1616, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.
vi. BENNET LAWTON, b. Abt. 27 Feb 1617/18, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. 21 Jul 1623, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.
vii. NICHOLAS LAWTON, b. Abt. 20 Feb 1620/21, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. 17 May 1621.
viii. ELIZABETH LAWTON, b. Abt. 29 May 1623, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng.

Descendants of Thomas (1) Lawton

1. THOMAS (1)5 LAWTON (GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 17 Apr 1614 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng,and died Bef. 27 Sep 1681 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI or England. He married (1) ELIZABETH SALISBURY 29 May 1635 inCranfield, Bedfordshire, England, daughter of JOHN SALISBURY and MARGARET CROWLEY. She was born 1614 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, and died 1675 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. He married (2) GRACE PARSONS 09 Aug 1663 in Portsmouth, RI, daughter of HUGH PARSONS and ELIZABETH. She was born 1628 in Of Little Compton, RI, and died 1679 in Newport, RI.

Children of Thomas Lawton and Elizabeth Salisbury are:
i. ELIZABETH6 LAWTON, b. Abt. 10 Sep 1637, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Eng; d. Aft. 16 Mar 1719/20, Portsmouth, RI; m. PELEG SHERMAN, 25 Jul 1657, Portsmouth, RI; b. May 1638, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1719, Kingstown, RI.
ii. DANIEL LAWTON, b. 1639, Portsmouth, RI; d. 28 Jun 1719, Portsmouth, RI; m. REBECCA MOTT, 1665, Portsmouth, RI; b. Sep 1648, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 1719, Portsmouth, RI.
iii. REBECCA LAWTON, b. 1641, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; m. GERSHOM MOTT.
iv. ANN LAWTON, b. 1645, Portsmouth, RI or England; d. 1703, Portsmouth, RI; m. GILES SLOCUM, 26 Mar 1669, Portsmouth, RI; b. 25 Jan 1646/47, Portsmouth, R I; d. 01 Jan 1712/13.
v. SARAH LAWTON, b. 16 Sep 1647, Portsmouth, RI; d. 05 Jul 1718, Portsmouth, RI; m. GEORGE SISSON, 01 Aug 1667, Portsmouth, RI; b. 1644, England; d. 07 Sep 1718, Portsmouth, RI.
vi. ISAAC LAWTON, b. 11 Dec 1650, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 25 Jan 1731/32, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. (1) ELIZABETH TALLMAN, 03 Mar 1673/74, Portsmouth, RI; b. 1654, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 20 May 1701, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. (2) MARY SISSON, 1672, Portsmouth, RI; b. 1652, Dartmouth, Ma; d. 1674; m. (3) NAOMI HUNT, 11 Oct 1701, Portsmouth, RI; b. 15 Sep 1658, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 03 Jan 1720/21, Portsmouth, Newport, RI.

Descendants of Daniel Lawton

1. DANIEL6 LAWTON (THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 1639 in Portsmouth, RI, anddied 28 Jun 1719 in Portsmouth, RI. He married REBECCA MOTT 1665 in Portsmouth, RI, daughter of ADAM MOTTand MARY LOTT. She was born Sep 1648 in Portsmouth, RI, and died Bef. 1719 in Portsmouth, RI.

i. THOMAS7 LAWTON, b. 01 Mar 1665/66, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 1719; m. SARAH BARKER; d. 17 Jul 1763.
ii. DANIEL LAWTON, b. 28 Oct 1667, Portsmouth, RI; d. Aft. 1746; m. RUTH; d. 10 Jan 1736/37, Freetown, MA.
iii. REBECCA LAWTON, b. 28 Feb 1668/69, Portsmouth, RI.
iv. JEREMIAH LAWTON, b. 20 Dec 1670, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 12 Aug 1745; m. GRISSEL FISH; b. 12 Apr 1673; d. 15 Jun 1745.
v. ADAM LAWTON, b. 05 Jan 1671/72, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 08 Jun 1736, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. MARY UNKNOWN.
vi. ELIZABETH LAWTON, b. 12 Mar 1673/74, Portsmouth, RI; d. 19 May 1741, New Shoreham, RI; m. NATHANIEL DUNN; b. 1671; d. 28 Feb 1734/35, New Shoreham, RI.
vii. MARY LAWTON, b. 31 Aug 1675, Portsmouth, RI; m. JAMES BORDEN.
viii. ISAAC LAWTON, b. Abt. 1677, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 04 Mar 1709/10; m. MARY PECKHAM, 1700, Middletown, RI; b. Middleton, R I.
ix. SARAH LAWTON, b. Abt. 1679, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 15 Nov 1773; m. LAWRENCE CLARK.
x. JONATHAN LAWTON, b. Abt. 1681, Portsmouth, RI; d. 13 May 1720, Newport, RI; m. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, Newport, RI; d. 07 Nov 1760, Newport, RI.
xi. JOSEPH LAWTON, b. Abt. 1682, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1726, Portsmouth, RI; m. (1) MARY BURRINGTON, May 1704, Portsmouth, RI; b. Abt. 1684; d. 04 Sep 1711, Portsmouth, RI; m. (2) CONTENT IRISH, 04 Jan 1714/15, Portsmouth, RI; b. 1691; d. 1751.
xii. BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. 1685, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1769, RI; m. (1) PENELOPE GARDINER, 08 Sep 1709, Kingtown, RI; b. 1689, Portsmouth, RI; d. Nov 1751, Newport, RI; m. (2) ABIGAIL ANTHONY, 07 Nov 1751, Portsmouth, RI.
xiii. NATHANIEL LAWTON, b. Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Descendants of Benjamin Lawton

1. BENJAMIN7 LAWTON (DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 1685 in Portsmouth, RI,and died 1769 in RI. He married (1) PENELOPE GARDINER 08 Sep 1709 in Kingtown, RI, daughter of BENONI GARDINERand MARY ELDRED. She was born 1689 in Portsmouth, RI, and died Nov 1751 in Newport, RI. He married (2) ABIGAILANTHONY 07 Nov 1751 in Portsmouth, RI.

i. PENELOPE8 LAWTON, b. 06 Jan 1710/11, Portsmouth, RI; m. (1) FRANCIS BAZELL; m. (2) ROBERT ROBERTSON.
ii. ABIGAIL LAWTON, b. 28 Sep 1713, Portsmouth, RI; m. STEPHEN MOTT, 01 Feb 1731/32, Portsmouth, RI.
iii. BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. 15 Apr 1715, Portsmouth, RI; d. Abt. 1776, Exeter, RI; m. (1) MARY ARNOLD, 16 Jan 1738/39, Portsmouth, RI; b. 19 Mar 1718/19; d. Bet. 1746 – 1752; m. (2) ANNA PHILLIPS, 03 May 1752, Exeter, RI.
iv. THOMAS LAWTON, b. 30 Jan 1716/17, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1753, West Indies; m. ELIZABETH COGGESHELL, 05 Jan 1738/39, Portsmouth, RI; b. 06 Nov 1715.
v. SARAH LAWTON, b. 19 Apr 1719, Portsmouth, RI; m. UNKNOWN GARDNER.
vi. GEORGE LAWTON, b. 08 Feb 1720/21, Portsmouth, RI; d. 23 Aug 1796, Newport, RI; m. MARY UNKNOWN, 17 Oct 1745, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 1810.
vii. CALEB LAWTON, b. 24 Jan 1722/23, Portsmouth, RI.
viii. JOSHUA LAWTON, b. 24 Jan 1722/23, Portsmouth, RI; d. Bef. 1765; m. MARTHA MANCHESTER, 27 Apr 1746, Newport, RI; b. 21 Jul 1720, Tiverton, RI.
ix. LYDIA LAWTON, b. 07 Jun 1725, Portsmouth, RI; m. UNKNOWN WOODEN; b. 07 Jun 1725.
x. JOSEPH LAWTON, b. 06 Apr 1727, Portsmouth, RI.
xi. MARY LAWTON, b. 1730, Portsmouth, RI; d. 14 Aug 1817, Newport, RI; m. BENONI PECKHAM, 13 Feb 1748/49, Newport, RI; b. 1729, Newport, RI; d. 08 Nov 1796, Newport, RI.
xii. REBECCA LAWTON, b. Abt. 1730, Portsmouth, RI; m. SAMUEL RHODES, 10 Sep 1749, Newport, RI; b. Abt. 1730.

Descendants of Benjamin Lawton

1. BENJAMIN8 LAWTON (BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 15 Apr 1715in Portsmouth, RI, and died Abt. 1776 in Exeter, RI. He married (1) MARY ARNOLD 16 Jan 1738/39 in Portsmouth, RI, daughter of WILLIAM ARNOLD and ANNA COGGESHALL. She was born 19 Mar 1718/19, and died Bet. 1746 – 1752. He married (2) ANNA PHILLIPS 03 May 1752 in Exeter, RI.

i. OLIVER9 LAWTON, b. 17 Oct 1739, Portsmouth, RI; d. 22 Feb 1815, Fairfield, Herkimer, NY; m. ANN RATHBUN, 21 Oct 1762, Exeter, RI; b. 20 Jul 1740, Exeter, RI; d. 19 Mar 1830, Fairfield, NY.
ii. DAVID LAWTON, b. 25 Aug 1741, Portsmouth, RI.
iii. TIMOTHY LAWTON, b. 21 Sep 1743, Portsmouth, RI; d. Abt. 09 Apr 1817; m. (1) ELIZABETH ARNOLD; b. 01 Jun 1749; m. (2) MERCY UNKNOWN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. (3) DEBORAH REYNOLDS, 21 Nov 1765; b. Of West Greenwich, RI.
iv. MARY R LAWTON, b. 15 Sep 1745, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; d. Feb 1827, Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., NY; m. EZEKIEL TRIPP, 29 Apr 1765, Exeter, Washington Co., RI; b. 09 Mar 1742/43, Exeter, Washington Co., RI; d. 23 Jul 1827, Daunesburg, Schenectady Co., NY.
v. BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. 1747, Exeter, RI; d. 22 Jul 1825; m. MARY CLARK, Bef. 1770; b. Abt. 1747, Middletown, RI; d. 09 Dec 1813.
vi. RUTH LAWTON, b. Bet. 1748 – 1751; d. 16 Apr 1827.

Descendants of Oliver Lawton

1. OLIVER9 LAWTON (BENJAMIN8, BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born17 Oct 1739 in Portsmouth, RI, and died 22 Feb 1815 in Fairfield, Herkimer, NY. He married ANN RATHBUN 21 Oct1762 in Exeter, RI, daughter of JOSEPH RATHBUN and ABIGAIL WILBUR. She was born 20 Jul 1740 in Exeter, RI, and died 19 Mar 1830 in Fairfield, NY.

Children of OLIVER LAWTON and ANN RATHBUN are:
i. DAVID10 LAWTON, b. Abt. 1765, Rhode Island; d. Aft. 1827, Scriba, Oswego, N Y; m. AVIS; b. Bet. 1760 – 1780.
ii. GEORGE LAWTON, b. 1769, Exeter, RI; m. (1) UNK UNK 1, Bet. 1785 – 1795; m. (2) UNK UNK 2, Bet. 1800 – 1812; m. (3) UNK UNK 3, Bef. 1812; d. Bef. 1855.
iii. BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. 1770, Exeter, RI; d. 16 Nov 1833, Jefferson County, N Y; m. MARY ANNE CUMMINS, Probably RI; b. Bef. 1774; d. Jefferson Co, N Y.
iv. OLIVER LAWTON, b. 1775, RI; d. Bef. 1858; m. MARY ANN TANNER; b. 1793, RI; d. 05 Jul 1858, Troy, N Y.
v. JOSEPH W LAWTON, b. 09 Feb 1776, Rhode Island; d. 15 Jul 1862, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y; m. ABIGAIL DAWLEY, 31 Jan 1799, Herkimer Co, N Y; b. 24 Jan 1778, Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island; d. 10 Feb 1852, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y.

Descendants of Benjamin Lawton

1. BENJAMIN10 LAWTON (OLIVER9, BENJAMIN8, BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 1770 in Exeter, RI, and died 16 Nov 1833 in Jefferson County, N Y. He married MARY ANNE CUMMINS in Probably RI. She was born Bef. 1774, and died in Jefferson Co, N Y.

i. ANNA11 LAWTON, b. 1792, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y; d. 08 Feb 1864, Theresa, N Y; m. WILLIAM FORSYTHE; b. 1788, MA; d. 30 Dec 1881, Theresa, N Y.
ii. JUDY LAWTON, b. 1794, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y; d. Bet. 1830 – 1840; m. JOHN YOUNG, Bef. 1820; b. Bet. 1770 – 1780, Russia, Herkimer, N Y.
iii. JOB WILBUR LAWTON, b. 31 May 1795, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N Y; d. 08 Dec 1868, Scriba, Oswego, N Y; m. LYDIA WEST, Abt. 1816; b. 11 Dec 1795, Fairfield, N Y; d. 07 Mar 1874, Scriba, N Y.
iv. ORA LAWTON, b. 12 Dec 1796, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y; d. 01 Mar 1884; m. MELISSA DARROW.
v. DIANA LAWTON, b. Abt. 1800; m. SAMUEL SHERWOOD. vi. FRANCIS C LAWTON, b. 1801, Herkimer Co, N Y; d. 16 Apr 1883, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; m. ESTHER GAGE, Abt. 1820; b. 1802, Herkimer Co.; d. 20 Jun 1884, Residence of Edward C. Lawton.
vii. CHARLOTTE LAWTON, b. Bet. 1810 – 1815; m. CORNELIUS MAPFIELD.
viii. BENJAMIN J LAWTON, b. 08 Oct 1807, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N Y; d. 16 Apr 1890, Theresa, N Y; m. BETSEY CHASE, Bet. 1829 – 1830; b. 07 May 1812, MA; d. 07 Feb 1884, Theresa, N Y.
ix. CHESTER C LAWTON, b. 1810, Jefferson County, N Y; m. JANE PROSSER; b. 1817, Of Scriba, NY.
x. OLIVER A LAWTON, b. 08 Dec 1812, Fairfield, Herkimer, N Y; d. 21 Apr 1882, New Haven, Oswego, N Y; m. ROENA HOWE, Abt. 1835; b. 01 Jan 1815, Vermont; d. 21 Jul 1884, New Haven, Oswego, NY.
xi. MARIETTA LAWTON, b. 06 Dec 1815; m. JAMES A. WAITE.xii. DAVID A LAWTON, b. Nov 1818.

Descendants of Benjamin J Lawton

1. BENJAMIN J11 LAWTON (BENJAMIN10, OLIVER9, BENJAMIN8, BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 08 Oct 1807 in Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N Y, and died 16 Apr 1890 in Theresa, N Y. He married BETSEY CHASE Bet. 1829 – 1830, daughter of JOHN CHASE and OLIVE SEAVEY. She was born 07 May 1812 in MA, and died 07 Feb 1884 in Theresa, N Y.

i. LYSANDER12 LAWTON, b. 09 Sep 1830, Jefferson Co, NY; d. 19 Jun 1868, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; m. LUCINA A FANNING; b. 13 Jan 1831; d. 10 Nov 1890, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y.
ii. JOSEPH PRATT LAWTON, b. 22 May 1833, Antwerp, N Y; d. 23 Dec 1891, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; m. JANE WILSON, 29 Oct 1856, Philadelphia, N Y; b. 29 Oct 1835, Rutland, N Y; d. 30 Aug 1903, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y.
iii. CHASE LAWTON, b. 1837; d. 20 Feb 1921; m. MARY HUDSON, 15 Sep 1864, Evans Mills, Jefferson, N Y by Justice of the Peace; b. 1842.
iv. CHARLES LAWTON, b. 29 Dec 1839; d. 15 Jun 1869, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; m. MARY OLIVE COOK, 11 Jun 1862; b. 13 Jun 1846; d. 03 Aug 1876, Theresa, N Y.
v. BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. Jun 1841, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y; d. 03 Apr 1863, Jefferson Co, N Y.
vi. DAVID A LAWTON, b. 1845, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y; m. MARY ETTA GATES; b. 07 Jul 1853, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 24 Apr 1920, Theresa, N Y.
vii. MARY OLIVE LAWTON, b. 1848, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y; d. Bef. 1891; m. CHARLES VARLEY; b. 19 Aug 1850; d. Mar 1942.
viii. LYDIA ANN LAWTON, b. 1851, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y.

Descendants of Joseph Pratt Lawton

1. JOSEPH PRATT12 LAWTON (BENJAMIN J11, BENJAMIN10, OLIVER9, BENJAMIN8, BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 22 May 1833 in Antwerp, N Y, and died 23 Dec 1891 in Theresa, Jefferson, N Y. He married JANE WILSON 29 Oct 1856 in Philadelphia, N Y, daughter of JAMES WILSON. and WEALTHY WILSON. She was born 29 Oct 1835 in Rutland, N Y, and died 30 Aug 1903 in Theresa, Jefferson, N Y.

Children of JOSEPH LAWTON and JANE WILSON are:
i. INFANT SON13 LAWTON, b. Bet. Aug – Nov 1857.
ii. JAMES WILSON LAWTON, b. 12 Sep 1858, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 09 Jan 1907, Watertown, Jefferson, N Y; m. (1) FRANCES ESTELLA SHURTLEFF, 16 Feb 1879, Phila, N Y Methodist Church; b. 26 Jul 1859, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 28 Feb 1881, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; m. (2) ALICE E VARLEY, 03 Jul 1881, Carthage, Jefferson, N Y; b. 06 Jan 1857, Philadelphia, N Y; d. 03 Jan 1932.
iii. JAY PRATT LAWTON, b. 17 Oct 1860, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 01 May 1936, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; m. SARAH EUPHEMIA CHAPMAN, 04 Jun 1882, Antwerp, N Y; b. 05 Nov 1863, Theresa, N Y; d. 28 Nov 1939, Sterlingville, Town of Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y.
iv. CLARK WILSON LAWTON, b. 04 Jun 1863, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 15 Apr 1940, Natural Bridge, Jefferson, N Y; m. (1) NELLIE BAKER, 31 Mar 1894; b. 01 Aug 1877; d. 17 Mar 1959, Comm Hosp, West Carthage, Jefferson, N Y; m. (2) LAURA JANE HYDE, 02 Aug 1885, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; b. 27 Mar 1870, Great Bend, Jefferson, N Y; d. 21 Dec 1893.
v. WEALTHY BETSY LAWTON, b. 25 Apr 1866, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 1902; m. ISAAC NEWTON ASSELSTINE, 19 May 1895, Sacketts Harbor, Jefferson, N Y; b. 18 Dec 1863, Verona, Ontario, Canada; d. 24 Aug 1940.
vi. WILL BENJAMIN LAWTON, b. 25 Apr 1866, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 24 May 1958, Evans Mills, Jefferson, N Y; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH HOUGHTON, 04 Dec 1889, Home of Bride, Antwerp, N Y; b. 18 Jan 1863, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y; d. 29 May 1894, Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y; m. (2) CORA ADELE BAKER, Bet. 1900 – 1904; b. 16 Jan 1868, N Y; d. 02 Jul 1927, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y.
vii. FRED EUGENE LAWTON, b. 10 Jul 1868, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 04 Jun 1957, A B Hepburn Hospital, Ogdensburg, N Y; m. (1) MINNIE L. BOWLES, 31 Dec 1890, Theresa Methodist Episcopal Church; b. 18 May 1866, Alexandria, N Y; d. 25 Jan 1938; m. (2) BERNICE L. PATCHEN, 03 Aug 1938, Rodman, N Y; b. 19 Feb 1922, Natural Bridge, Lewis, N Y; d. 17 Nov 1952, Watertown, Jefferson, N Y.
viii. SARAH JANE LAWTON, b. 23 Dec 1871, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. Jan 1944; m. ERVIN PORTER MERRITT, 06 Dec 1893, Antwerp, N Y Methodist Church (Phila ?); b. 04 Feb 1868, Worth, N Y; d. 1953.
ix. ANNIE MALORA LAWTON, b. 06 May 1873; d. 1905; m. FRED A HEALY.
Census: 03 Jun 1880, Age 06, w/parents x. CHARLES EDWIN LAWTON, b. 30 Nov 1875, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 27 May 1961, Southgate, Ca; m. MARY MALINA NOODY, 30 Jan 1900, Antwerp, NY; b. 22 May 1879, Jerden Falls,Lewis Co, NY; d. 01 Apr 1955, Southgate, CA.xi. ADA HELEN LAWTON, b. 26 Oct 1877; d. 24 Jan 1891.

Descendants of Will Benjamin Lawton

1. WILL BENJAMIN13 LAWTON (JOSEPH PRATT12, BENJAMIN J11, BENJAMIN10, OLIVER9, BENJAMIN8, BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 25 Apr 1866 in Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y, and died 24 May 1958 in Evans Mills, Jefferson, N Y. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH HOUGHTON 04 Dec 1889 in Home of Bride, Antwerp, N Y, daughter of ELIJAH HOUGHTON and PHEBE PIERCE. She was born 18 Jan 1863 in Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y, and died 29 May 1894 in Antwerp, Jefferson, N Y. He married (2) CORA ADELE BAKER Bet. 1900 – 1904, daughter of GILBERT BAKER and ELEANOR ARNOLD. She was born 16 Jan 1868 in N Y, and died 02 Jul 1927 in Theresa, Jefferson, N Y.

Children of WILL LAWTON and MARY HOUGHTON are:
i. CLARENCE E.14 LAWTON, b. 11 Jul 1893, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 29 Aug 1929, Theresa, Jefferson, N Y; m. GOLDIE MAE JENKINS, Bet. 1920 – 1929; b. Feb 1894, Cambria, ILL.; d. Bet. 1988 – 1989.
ii. CLINTON WILSON LAWTON, b. 10 Nov 1894, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 30 May 1969, Natural Bridge, Lewis, N Y; m. JOSEPHINE BELL BAKER, 18 Aug 1935, Evans Mills, N Y; b. 23 May 1916, Lewisburg, N Y; d. 03 Feb 1986, Hospital Carthage, N Y.
Children of WILL LAWTON and CORA BAKER are:
iii. LLOYD BENJAMIN14 LAWTON, b. 27 Aug 1905, Pamelia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 26 Feb 1975, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y; m. ALICE PEARL HALLADAY, 20 Jun 1925, Jefferson Co, N Y; b. 01 May 1906, Jefferson Co, N Y; d. 04 May 1988, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y.
iv. FLOYD EUGENE LAWTON, b. 12 Jun 1907; d. 12 Aug 1975, Community Hospital, Syracuse, N Y; m. BEATRICE ELAINE BAKER, 25 Oct 1927; b. 26 Mar 1911, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 15 Feb 1952.
v. CLARA HATTIE LAWTON, b. 30 Mar 1911, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N Y; d. 31 May 2000, Evans Mills, Jefferson, N Y; m. (1) RAYMOND GARFIELD CUNNINGHAM, 30 May 1928, Evans Mills, Jefferson, N Y; b. 10 Mar 1911, Macomb, St Law, N Y; d. 21 Feb 1993, Gouverneur, St Law, N Y; m. (2) LLOYD HERBERT VENTON, 30 May 1956; b. 21 Sep 1904, Richville, N Y; d. 1978, Evans Mills, N Y.

Descendants of Lloyd Benjamin Lawton

1. LLOYD BENJAMIN14 LAWTON (WILL BENJAMIN13, JOSEPH PRATT12, BENJAMIN J11, BENJAMIN10, OLIVER9, BENJAMIN8,BENJAMIN7, DANIEL6, THOMAS (1)5, GEORGE4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 27 Aug 1905 in Pamelia,Jefferson, N Y, and died 26 Feb 1975 in Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y. He married ALICE PEARL HALLADAY 20 Jun 1925 in Jefferson Co, N Y, daughter of BERNARD HALLADAY and MARY RUTTAN. She was born 01 May 1906 in Jefferson Co, N Y, and died 04 May 1988 in Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y.

i. LLOYD BURTON15 LAWTON, b. 13 Jul 1927, Jefferson Co, N Y; d. 11 Jun 1994, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. REGINA MAE ALDRICH, 07 Oct 1948, Home of Bride’s parents, Heuvelton,St Lawrence Co, N Y; b. 13 Sep 1932, St Lawrence, N Y; d. 04 Dec 1994, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence N Y.
ii. LAWRENCE BERNARD LAWTON, b. 1929, Stone Mills, Jefferson Co, N Y; m. PATRICIA RUTH PIERCE, 02 Dec 1950; b. 09 Feb 1932, Twp Oswegatchie, St Law, N Y; d. 22 Jan 1985, Florida.
iii. MARY LOUISE LAWTON, b. 21 Nov 1931, Jefferson Co, N Y; d. 24 Dec 1953, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y.
iv. ROBERT ALLEN LAWTON, b. 05 Jul 1933, Jefferson Co, N Y; d. 14 Sep 1995, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. (1) ETHEL ELIZABETH MOREY, 24 Sep 1954, Ocean City, N J; b. 23 Apr 1936, Ocean City, N J; m. (2) JUNE ELBA COOK, Abt. 1990; b. 13 Jun.
v. RONALD WILLIAM LAWTON, b. 06 Dec 1934, Jefferson Co, N Y; d. 26 May 1984, Ogdensburg, N Y; m. THEA JOAN CAROLYN MARTIN, 28 Aug 1952, Ogdensburg, N Y; b. 22 Jul 1934.
vi. DELBERT ARTHUR LAWTON, b. 12 Nov 1936, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; d. 27 Oct 1974, Brunswick, ME; m. RHODA HELEN JOCK, 20 Feb 1956; b. 25 Aug 1939, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y.
vii. LEO DAVID LAWTON, b. 1938, Cedar St, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y; d. Debt; m. NORA JOYCE COMPO, 20 Dec 1958, Rev Dando’s home, Ogdensburg, N Y; b. 24 Aug 1939, Stockholm, St Lawrence, N Y.
viii. DIXIE ROSE LAWTON, b. 25 Feb 1940, Cedar St, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; d. 02 Jan 1942, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y.
ix. ALFORD LESLIE LAWTON, b. 1942, Farmhome, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; d. 16 Apr 2002, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. SUSAN MARIE HYDE, 22 Aug 1969, Flackville Methodist Church; b. 29 Apr 1950, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, N Y.
x. JON EDWIN LAWTON, b. 1944, Farmhome, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; d. 20 Dec 1996, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. JANE ANNE STEELE, 28 Jun 1964, Parsonage 116 Jersey Ave Ogdensburg, N Y; b. 17 Aug 1945, Heuvelton, St Lawrence, N Y.
xi. ROSALEE ANNE LAWTON, b. 1946, Hospital, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. (1) KEITH ALLEN SEARLE, 10 Oct 1964, Methodist Church, Navarino, Onondaga, N Y; b. 1943; m. (2) CHARLES BLOSS, 10 Nov 1984; b. 1937.
xii. JANICE ELAINE LAWTON, b. 1947, Hospital, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. (1) CLYDE ERVIN BENNETT, 05 Nov 1972; b. 1938, Morristown, St Law, N Y; d. 25 Dec 2004, Baltimore, MD; m. (2) MILLS FREEMONT NORTON, 03 Jul 1982; b. 1926.
xiii. LORABELLE ALICE LAWTON, b. 1951, Hospital, Ogdensburg, St Law, N Y; m. RICHARD PAUL RIENHARDT, 26 Sep 1970; b. 1951, Syracuse, Onondaga, N Y.”

the copy of the page above might have been a bit much, but just incase

might be of some interest above

might be a good place to get statistic’s to look at

another Jewish gravestone?

Lawton, Elizabeth (married name)

Ref: JL10145

This Gravestone is at Brady Street Jewish Cemetery, London, I think


a primary-sub-township [linked data]

Found in or near Buglawton

a name for: Buglawton

Lautune, Buglawton. Above


Bissopescote: King’s land.

Part of Luton. ”

‘Lathan,’ (variants); “Latham, Lathem, Lathom, ”

‘Lothan, ‘” Lothian, Lowden, Lowdon, Loudoun, Loudon” etc…

‘Lethan’,  “Letham, Lethem”

‘Luthan’ “Luton, Luthon, Leuton, Leueton, Lewton, Louton”

‘Lathon’, “Latton, Lattin, Latin, Lattins, Lattons, Latins, De Latton”

‘Lathin’, “Latton, Lattin, Latin, Lattins, Lattons, Latins, De Latton”

“German, Scottish origin”

“Leth, Lethmate, Lethaborg, Lethmann, Lethenberg, Lethburg, Lethen”

‘Lathin,’ “Letham, Lethem”






Latun: King’s land.

Part of Blackpool, with Little Layton.”

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Hello world!

“” Turn to the letter z in the New York telephone directory and you will find a truly astonishing array of foreign names, some of them in process of anglicization, but many of them still arrestingly outlandish. The only Anglo-Saxon surname beginning with z is Zacharias 5 and even that was originally borrowed from the Greek. To this the Norman invasion seems to have added only Zouchy. But in Manhattan and the Bronx, even among the necessarily limited class of telephone subscribers, there are nearly 1500 persons whose names begin with the letter, and among them one finds fully 150 different surnames.”

Grün was changed to Green
So with the kn in the German names of the Knapp class; they are nearly all pronounced, probably by analogy with Knight, as if they began with n.”

Moreover, the general feeling penetrates the man himself, particularly if he be ignorant, and he comes to believe that his name is not only a handicap, but also intrinsically discreditable—that it wars subtly upon his worth and integrity. 27 This feeling, perhaps, accounted for a good many changes of surnames among Germans and Jews of German name upon the entrance of the United States into the war. But in the majority of cases, of course, the changes so copiously reported—e. g., from Bielefelder to Benson, and from Pulvermacher to Pullman—were merely efforts at protective coloration. The immigrant, in a time of extraordinary suspicion and difficulty, tried to get rid of at least one handicap. 28    13
  This motive constantly appears among the Jews, who face an anti-Semitism that is imperfectly concealed and may be expected to grow stronger hereafter. Once they have lost the faith of their fathers, a phenomenon almost inevitable in the first native-born generation, they shrink from all the disadvantages that go with Jewishness, and seek to conceal their origin, or, at all events, to avoid making it unnecessarily noticeable. 29 To this end they modify the spelling of the more familiar Jewish surnames, turning Levy into Lewy, Lewyt, Levitt, Levin, Levine, Levey, Levie 30 and even Lever; Cohen into Cohn, Cahn, Kahn, Kann, Coyne and Conn; Aarons into Arens and Ahrens, and Solomon into Salmon, Salomon and Solmson. 31 In the same way they shorten their long names, changing Wolfsheimer to Wolf, Goldschmidt to Gold, and Rosenblatt, Rosenthal, Rosenbaum, Rosenau, Rosenberg, Rosenbusch, Rosenblum, Rosenstein, Rosengarten, Rosenheim and Rosenfeldt to Rose or Ross. 32 Like the Germans, they also seek refuge in translations more or less literal. Thus, on the East Side of New York, Blumenthal is often changed to Bloomingdale, Schneider to Taylor, Reichman to Richman, and Schlachtfeld to Warfield. One Lobenstine (i. e., Lobenstein) had his name changed to Preston during the war, and announced that this was “the English version” of his patronymic. A Wolfsohn similarly became a Wilson, though without attempting any such fantastic philological justification for the change. 33 Fiedler, a common Jewish name, often becomes Harper in New York; so does Pikler, which is Yiddish for drummer. Stolar, which is a Yiddish word borrowed from the Russian, signifying carpenter, is changed to Carpenter. Lichtman and Lichtenstein become Chandler. Meilach, which is Hebrew for king, becomes King, and so does Meilachson. The strong tendency to seek English-sounding equivalents for names of noticeably foreign origin changes Sher into Sherman, Michel into Mitchell, 34 Rogowsky into Rogers, Kolinsky into Collins, Rabinovitch into Robbins, Davidovitch into Davis, Moiseyev into Macy or Mason, and Jacobson, Jacobovitch and Jacobovsky into Jackson. This last change proceeds by way of a transient change to Jake or Jack as a nickname. Jacob is always abbreviated to one or the other on the East Side. Yankelevitch also becomes Jackson, for Yankel is Yiddish for Jacob. 35 The Jews go further with such changes than any other people. They struggle very hard for position, and try to rid themselves of every unnecessary handicap. Moreover, they are supported by the historical name-shedding of a very eminent Jew, the Saul of Tarsus who became Paul. In precisely the same way, on attaining to 100 per cent Americanism, the Itzik Kolinsky of today becomes Sidney Collins.”

” A good many American Jews, aiming at a somewhat laborious refinement, change the pronunciation of the terminal stein in their names so that it rhymes, not with line, but with bean. Thus, in fashionable Jewish circles, there are no longer any Epsteins, Goldsteins and Hammersteins but only Epsteens, Goldsteens and Hammersteens. The American Jews differ further from the English in pronouncing Levy to make the first syllable rhyme with tea; the English Jews always make the name Lev-vy, to rhyme with heavy. In general there is a tendency in America to throw the accents back, i. e., in such names as Cassels, Brennan, Gerard, Doran, Burnett, Maurice, etc. In England the first syllable is commonly accented; in the United States, the second.”

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